I'm a 44 year-old Emory graduate with a BA in writing. I own a successful writing business helping IT companies communicate ideas to their employees and the public.

I’ve built a career on making complicated ideas easy for everyone to understand. I’m excited to bring that talent to our city council.

I can be a bridge between the city leaders and everyday people.

I’m also a mother of three, and a 20-year Carroll county resident who has lived in Carrollton for the last 12.

What's shaped my beliefs: I’ve experienced firsthand the effects and challenges of suburban sprawl. I've seen what can happen to a town when unscrupulous developers are given free rein, and that's why beautification, quality of life and sensible growth mean enough to me that I'm willing to run for a seat on the council.

Three years ago, we moved from an outlier subdivision to the Rome Street area. For the first time in our lives, my kids were in walking distance of bike lanes, sidewalks, parks, and people-friendly crosswalks. We felt safer and more connected with our neighbors, and closer to community activities. Our street had a 200 year-old oak presiding over the neighborhood. We had shaded places to sit, ride bikes and walk to stores. We didn’t have to spend all of our time in the car.

For an average working family, these little things added to a dramatic upgrade in our quality of life. This shaped the perspective that I want to bring to the city council.

I want to ensure that the city continues to move in this direction.

Quality of life upgrades go hand in hand with economic growth. Small, incremental changes drive business investment, tourism—and the next generation of home buyers. That’s why:

  • I support Beautification Projects like the one underway for the Bankhead corridor. I want to continue to focus the city’s attention on redevelopment and renewal of city blight, and to draw on leaders and thinkers with fresh ideas to help drive economic growth from new industries.

  • I will work to continue Greenbelt expansion so more city residents and students can walk and bike to events, restaurants, the Amp, the Arts Center, local businesses and essential shopping—without having to rely on cars.

  • I support people-friendly city planning. The updated crosswalks near City Hall and Adamson square—as well as the Greenbelt crossings on Hwy. 27— are shining examples. I support updated crosswalks in other areas of the city where there have been pedestrian deaths and injuries.

  • Sensible growth within the city limits helps check sprawl in the larger county. I support partnering with smart developers who believe in creating towns, not just developments. I believe that engineers can and should play a role in both driving economic growth as well as preserving natural history. We should vet our developers based on their work and reputation in other communities. We should think twice before cutting down 200 year-old trees. Most importantly, we should take pride in preserving town spaces that give our children a connection to the past—and a vision of the future.

  • Like most moms, I know how to make every penny count, and I know how to problem solve. I want to be a good steward of the city budget, and make sure that the city gets a dollar of benefit for every dollar we spend. I want to research ways to fund competitive pay for our police and fire departments so that we retain talent instead of having to retrain new hires.

Above all, I care about the community I live in and I want to listen, solve problems, and elevate everyone's quality of life. Please join me in my bid for Carrollton City Council, Ward 3.